New Music Tuesday, Episode 34: Rollin' Sinister (Instrumental) - Bushfinger Music Project

The Bushfinger Music Project GarageBand Show show

Summary: Not one to shy away from experimentation, the fact that I was raised on hard rock and heavy metal doesn't mean I can't dabble into pop music and hip-hop every now and then... "New Music Tuesday, Episode 34" features a track-in-progress embracing the gangsta/dirty south vibe. Trying anyway... Not being an accomplished rapper I'm only prepared to unleash the instrumental version of "Rollin' Sinister" at this time. Ya'mean?! (PS: Any lyrical assassins looking for good source of music should hit a brutha up, yo!) Rollin' Sinister (Instrumental) - Bushfinger Music Project - 3:48 Download/Play Subscribe || Subscribe through iTunes Read The Blog: (Thanks for the ADD!) *New Music Tuesday. Not always new, not always Tuesday! (c) 2008 Bushfinger Music Project and BMP Media International