(((DISCO BASS))) Disco Funk House Bass

Deep House, Nu Disco & Jazz Funk in (((HEAVY ROTATION))) show

Summary: The Idjut Boys + Quakerman “Radio Rage” (Glasgow Underground) In Flagranti “Hallow Discourse” Pete Herbert Edit (Codek) Sneaky Fox “Major Gruber” (Grande Buffo) La Bionda “I Got Your Number” Linosaur Edit (Audaz) Marcus Marr “Well Alright” (New Finger) Motown Sounds “Bad Mouthin” (Motown) Space “Mixed Up” EDIT Timewarp “Chk” (Kraak) The Bionics “Love Chains” Max Essa Mix (Paper) Crazy P “Eruption” (20:20 Vision) Eruption “Party Party” EDIT The Brothers Johnson “Stomp” Daniel Lucas Edit (Groove Democracy) Messengers “First Left” (Messed) Alexander Robotnick + Stefano Cocco Cantini “Love Supreme” (Hot Elephant) Disco + Co. “Bass Power” (Tubetracks) D.D. Sound “Disco Bass” EDIT