Radio Free Cybertron 841 – Cloudcover: The Episode

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Summary: This week: We talk about toys. A lot of toys. Why are there so many toys?<br> <br> <br> <br> News<br> <br> SDCC Last Call<br> <br> Stock photos collections: <a href="">Legacy reveals</a> | <a href="">Studio Series reveals</a> (Autobase Aichi)<br> Pulsecon 2023 announced for September 22nd<br> TF x Stranger Things Collab: <a href="">Code Red Volkswagen Type 2 Pizza Van</a> (Autobase Aichi)<br> <br> And then pictures of a bunch of early samples<br> <br> In Hand Legacy Mini-Con Jolt: <a href="">With Legacy Hot Shot</a> (Sonic Bomber Core Facebook) | <a href="">Size comparisons</a> (Jazz of Stannis on TFW)<br> <a href="">Jurassic Park Collab JP12 Dennis Nedry robot</a> (TFW)<br> <a href="">Legacy Strongarm</a> (screenshots on Autobase Aichi)<br> <a href="">Legacy Detritus</a> (screenshots on Autobase Aichi)<br> And then something received legitimately: <a href="">In Hand look at Troop Builder 4 pack</a> (screenshots via Autobase Aichi)<br> <br> <a href="">Side by side of Earthrise Thundercracker and 4 Pack Seeker</a> (@EdPirrie on Twitter)<br> <br> <br> Rise of The Beasts is available to stream now with a Paramount+ subscription<br>