Addressing Imposter Syndrome in the Floral Industry

Team Flower show

Summary: We’re covering big topics on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. Bonnie Dowie of Bonnie Blooms joins us from Australia to talk about challenges she (and really, all of us?!) have had to address and overcome in the floral industry—namely, determining pricing, keeping up with social media, and the ever-annoying imposter syndrome. This conversation is meaty, so pop in your headphones and prepare yourselves to be seen. You’ll hear loads of encouragement as well. This industry is so special to be a part of, and there’s truly encouragement all around us if we’re willing to look for it. Hear how Bonnie makes the daily decision to persevere, what drives her forward one more step each day, and why being a champion of beauty is so significant. Bonnie creates whimsical, cottage-garden-inspired floral art to help couples celebrate their wedding day. She loves intuitively creating works that speak to who they are as a couple, as well as the gentle, hopeful beauty of nature. She recently ran a few Christmas wreath workshops and was thinking about pursuing more workshops and classes down the track! Find her on Instagram @bonnie_blooms and online