How to Navigate the Top 7 Challenges Project Managers Faced in 2022 | KEV Talks #12

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Summary: Whether you're new to Project Management or a seasoned Senior PM leading program-level efforts, there are 7 challenges you will inevitably face. In this episode, I talk through these and provide a path for new or seasoned Program or Project Managers to not only navigate through or around these obstacles but to also excel in the process.The 7 Challenges:* Choosing a methodology to implement* Selecting a Program/Project Management System (PMS) to use* Communicating and leading hybrid program or project teams* Aligning PM skillsets to the right work* Working within and planning toward budget constraints* Synchronizing internal and external partners as one team* Dealing with internal staff turnover to keep the work movingThank you for listening to 7 Challenges Facing Program and Project Managers in 2022 (And How to Navigate Them).Do these challenges match what you've seen in the Program and Project Management world? Leave a comment on the post at* Have a plan* Stay informed* Get involved