Investing in Yourself with Mahina + Soul

Team Flower show

Summary: It isn’t uncommon for us to chat with a podcast guest and feel like we’ve made a new friend, but Ashley and Emily are something extra special. They have hearts that embrace all that you are, and you can tell. I’ll bet each of their clients would agree, as they truly take every effort to understand the recipients of their flowers in a way that makes them feel known and seen. They have a beautifully unique vision for their flower shop. They source all of their gift items from local artists, they are champions for women-owned businesses, and they even have coffee and tea + couches in their shop for customers to stop and stay a while. What a way to bring in the community! We’re chatting about some of the logistics of running a business, like delivering flowers (hint: use and which flowers to keep in the shop versus which flowers to use for weddings and events. Plus, they’re sharing the top 5 things they believe are money best spent on their business. Finally, Ashley and Emily are discussing the importance of investing in yourself. It is one thing to invest in your business, but investing in yourself will do wonders for the success of the things you put your hand to. We are Ashley Singh + Emily Pennington the owners of Mahina + Soul a floral studio with retail. We offer flowers, and various gift items such as candles, cards, jewelry, wreaths and much more. We are celebrating our storefronts grand opening its been one month. Find them on Instagram @mahinaandsoul or online at