Intentionally Creative Design with Floraltique

Team Flower show

Summary: Stephanie Howard of Floraltique joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast to discuss what it means to design with creative intention. She has a beautiful perspective of floral design as an art form, and she’s walking us through the steps designers can take to look at each arrangement as an opportunity to create art. Plus, you’ll hear why she believes everyone should try designing with only 1 to 2 ingredients. We’re also chatting about the difference between a business model of working for an ideal client versus one serving various types of clients and incorporating more of a creative process. Stephanie has done both and is explaining why she enjoys one better than the other! She’s also sharing her client intake process—including some of the best questions to ask clients. This conversation is full of practical nuggets for designers of all kinds! You’ll be both inspired and challenged in our own creative floral design! Floraltique is a wedding and events floral design company that focuses on intentional and seasonal designs. They just launched a new avenue of home and business subscriptions as well! Find them online at and on Instagram @floraltique.