Miro Wengner at JavaOne on OpenJDK and the Java Community

Duke's Corner show

Summary: In this conversation Oracle's Jim Grisanzio talks with Miro Wengner at JavaOne Las Vegas 2022 about his experiences with Java the technology, and why he loves Java the community. Miro serves on the JCP Executive Committee, he's a Java Champion, and he's a contributor to OpenJDK. He's also a friend I met back on the OpenSolaris project at Sun in 2008! Miro Wengner, Java Champion https://twitter.com/miragemiko Jim Grisanzio, Java Developer Relations https://twitter.com/jimgris Images from JavaOne Las Vegas 2022 https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAdP6P Podcast Video https://youtu.be/FT4qpZRH2xU Dev Java https://dev.java/ Inside Java https://inside.java/