Produce Champion MP Scot Davidson and Financial Protection Bill Panel

Produce Talks show

Summary: In this episode, CPMA President, Ron Lemaire and CPMA Chair, Mario Masellis of Catania Worldwide welcome the 2022 CPMA Produce Champion, Scot Davidson, the Member of Parliament (MP) for York-Simcoe. CPMA’s annual Produce Champion award is given to one or more Members of Parliament and/or a Senator who have been supportive of the produce industry and effective at bringing industry issues to the forefront on Parliament Hill. In the second part of the podcast, Ron Lemaire leads a panel of discussion consisting of Quinton Woods of Gwillimdale Farms, Fred Webber, former CEO of DRC, Guy Milette of Courchesne Larose, and Colin Chapdelaine of Star Produce. The panel discusses the Financial Protection for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Farmers Act (C-280), which was recently introduced in the House of Commons by MP Scot Davidson, the history and the importance of this bill, and how people can get involved to support it through the legislative process. Play the Podcast Thank you to our podcast series sponsor, Nature Fresh Farms. CPMA would also like to acknowledge Fresh from Florida as a sponsor of this podcast.