All About Plants (and Some Other Floral Things!) with Plant Office

Team Flower show

Summary: John Sundling of Plant Office is joining us on the Team Flower Podcast today. This episode is FULL of meaty content. We’re talking all about plants—how his shop is set up, what kinds of plants he keeps in stock, and tips for giving your clients basic plant care information. He’s even giving a big of wisdom to floral shop owners who carry plants in their retail store. Next up is sourcing! Plants, pots, and flowers, oh my! You’ll hear where John is getting his flowers in (and out) of growing season and what it looks like to stay busy in the “off” season (if there even is one of those!). John is doing all kinds of wonderful things for his local community. Not only does he provide top-notch plants and flowers for his clients, he also partners with several businesses in the area to complete large floral installations. These give him an opportunity to both provide inspiration and beautify the town. On top of all of that, he has partnered with various others in Maine to create the Maine Floral Collective, a cooperative to support flower growers and retail owners. Plant Office is a houseplant store & floral studio based in Portland, Maine. They started with a focus on flowers for their local food & hospitality industry, and have grown to become a botanical retail destination in their quaint seaside village. Besides indoor plants, Plant Office is known for their large-scale installations, dried floral work, & colorful design sensibility. Plant Office was officially founded in 2018, though John has been working primarily on this project since 2016. You find them at or on instagram.