The Details of Sustainable Flower Farming with Little Farmhouse Flowers

Team Flower show

Summary: We have the incredible honor of speaking with Linda D'Arco of Little Farmhouse Flowers in Jay, NY on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. Linda is an advocate for sustainability in the floral industry. She has worked hard to ensure her flower farm and design business maintains a low carbon footprint, and she continues to look for ways to run her business in a way that benefits this planet we call home. We’re getting into the nitty gritty details in this episode. Linda is sharing a long list of resources she’s found helpful in her journey to sustainable flowering (you can find those listed and linked below). She’s sharing about weed block, mulching, dealing with animals and insects, clean up and compost, sourcing seeds and bulbs, and so much more! Little Farmhouse Flowers is a small, woman-owned design studio with its own flower farm in the Adirondack Park in New York State. Linda D’Arco is the owner and lead designer who enjoys the power of nature through the lens of flowers. Sustainability is at the core of their mission to provide their discerning clients with fresh, unique, locally grown flowers. In 2019 Linda was named one of 4 US Founding Ambassadors to the International Sustainable Floristry Network! You can find her on Instagram @littlefarmhouseflowers or online at