"The Flower School" with Joseph Massie

Team Flower show

Summary: Joseph Massie joined the floral industry at the age of 14 washing buckets and running errands. Since then, he has grown to be a world renowned floral artist and educator. We’re talking about how Joseph’s career began and how it has morphed into what it is today. With all of his experience, he has some great wisdom for beginning florists about what skills to hone in on and develop first. “The Flower School” is Joseph’s first book and is available to preorder now and it is a MUST HAVE. We’re chatting all about the book—what you’ll find inside, why he wrote it, and Joseph’s favorite chapter. You’ll also hear him explain The Golden Ratio as well as why he believes it’s important to work in a monochromatic color palette in order to grasp the fundamentals of design. You’ll be so encouraged by Joseph’s light-hearted banter coupled with his perspective on floral design. He is a gift to the floral world and has so much to share! Joseph Massie is a fine artist, designer and educator, whose practice includes couture, sculpture and installation works created with flora. He is the Creative Director of both Joseph Massie Flowers, a luxury Flower Studio, and the Joseph Massie Flower School. He is the proud holder of five RHS Chelsea Gold Medals. In addition, Joseph is the co-host of the popular Flowers After Hours Podcast, and he also publishes both his Youtube Channel and Blog—packed full of free floral resources for the flower lover. We are so excited about the publication of Joseph's debut book, The Flower School; The Principles and Pleasures of Good Flowers. Learn more about Joseph on Instaram @josephmassie or online at www.josephmassie.com.