Flowers Forever with Framed Florals

Team Flower show

Summary: Do you ever look at a flower and say, “I wish you could last forever.”? Lacie Porta of Framed Florals asked the same thing after her wedding, and she found a way to make it happen! Today, she’s chatting all about how she preserves the flowers we all wish lived on and on. You’ll hear about her pressing process and some tips on what to do vs what not to do! There are some flowers that are easier to dry than others, and if you choose the right bloom, you can even press some yourself! We’re chatting about how Lacie interacts with her clients—covering everything from consultation to booking to project implementation. Did you know she sometimes works directly with floral designers? This floral community extends far beyond shop owners, growers, and event designers. It is vast and beautiful! Finally, Lacie paints a picture of her lovely, light-filled studio space that she shares with a couple of other creatives. Just wait until you hear what she listens to while she works! Framed Florals is a flower preservation studio based in Brooklyn New York. Framed Florals preserves flowers in handmade float frames in a signature airy design. Framed Florals celebrated 5 years in business and in 2022 has become a part of the 1% for the planet pledge! Give Lacie a follow on Instagram @framedflorals or find her online at