The Joy of Teaching Floral Design with Anne van Midden

Team Flower show

Summary: On this episode of the podcast, Anne joins us from the Netherlands. We jump right into chatting about making changes in your business and watching it morph into something you love as your dreams and desires change. It is apparent as you listen that Anne has a heart for genuinely connecting with others and teaching them about floral art. She loves it SO much that she accomplishes lesson-planing, recording, editing, teaching, and publishing all of her lessons! She’s a force to be reckoned with, and yet has a contagiously sweet spirit that comes across in every one of her 25+ classes! We’re also chatting about her floral art—what it looks like, what it means to her, and how it affects her creative process. Each of her pieces of art is backed by a grounding and relatable story, so she’s sharing a few of those as well as what mechanics she uses to create her masterpieces. Anne is a floral artist creating foam-free installations for brands, photoshoots, and simply for the sake of art. She also teaches natural floral design to flower lovers all over the world, both in her studio and online. Anne celebrates every time one of her students makes something they are proud of AND this year marks the 9-year anniversary of her business! Follow her on Instagram @annevanmidden and visit her website online at