Adding Unique Offerings to Your Floral Business with Castillo de Flores

Team Flower show

Summary: Castillo De Flores is a small flower business that Daniella started out of her dorm in college when she was going through a difficult time. Flowers are a therapeutic outlet for her—they remind her to keep blooming which she hopes to remind others through her creations. Through her business, she highlights her culture by incorporating Latino factors as much as possible. She has several unique floral offerings that are rooted in her love for her culture, and have become true staple pieces that her clients gravitate towards. You’ll also hear about battling self-doubt, helpful resources for learning floral design, and tips for creating TikTok and Instagram reels. Daniella also gives back to the community by donating blooms to shelters or raising funds for certain causes. And currently, she's prepping to launch a dried floral collection on her website! Follow her on Instagram @castillodeflores7.