Regenerative Gardening with Blossom and Branch Farm

Team Flower show

Summary: You will not leave this podcast interview without learning a thing or two from Briana. She is passionate about growing organically and regeneratively, and we’re discussing all kinds of things related to organic growing. Briana has a beautiful perspective of nature and growing, and her passion is contagious! Have you ever heard of invasive plants? Briana is not only defining this term for us, but she’s sharing how we, as an industry, can work together to eliminate these plants in our native environments. You’ll hear a few practical ways you can participate in making this a reality. We’re also chatting about Briana’s efforts to rehabilitate the native habitat around her farm. This has proven to be incredibly beneficial to their growing process! Briana and her husband started Blossom and Branch Farm in 2019. They are a regenerative flower farm that focuses on growing non-invasive blooms and rehabilitating the native habitat around their farm. They sell their flowers at their farm stand as well as offer growing workshops and wedding florals. You can find Briana online at and on Instagram @blossomandbranchfarm.