Pricing Sustainably in the Floral Industry with Le Champagne Projects

Team Flower show

Summary: Today on the podcast, we’re covering two hot topics: sustainability and pricing! Kelly Dickenson of Le Champagne Projects has taken many steps to live a life of low-waste, so that easily translated over to her business. She’s sharing a few ways in which her wedding floral business champions sustainable practices. We’re also chatting quite about pricing within the industry. You’ll hear what types of things you should consider when you’re determining your price and markup (like time, labor, cost of flowers, and more), as well as a few pointers on paying freelancers. It is imperative that floral professionals of all kinds really dig into the floral community and offer a safe place to be vulnerable, transparent, and open to change. This is the best way for the industry to maintain current standards as well as progress into a places of growth! Le Champagne Projects is a boutique floral design studio located in San Diego. Kelly creates whimsical, romantic, and environmentally friendly wedding florals for couples throughout Southern California. Her focus is on sustainability without compromising style. You can find her on Instagram @champagneprojects and online at