#1 - Make your artists comfortable first in the recording studio - Dipesh Sharma Batalvi

Candid Confessions - a podcast by Indian musicians, sound engineers and industry professionals show

Summary: <p>Sound engineer Dipesh Sharma Batalvi has 20+ years experience, and is now working with a California based company, that uses his expertise to make the voice of AI across their entire line of products. Additionally he still mixes and masters for his clients in India. </p> <p>In this kickstarter episode, Dipesh shares with us the importance of making a singer comfortable in the studio. A lesson he shares about an initial recording with Sonu Nigam helps us know not to take anything simple also for granted. </p> <p>Do thank Dipesh for this Candid Confession. We also hope the listeners will implement this invaluable learning in their own work environments. </p> <p><br></p> <p>- Team SudeepAudio.com</p>