The Not So United States and the Voice of the Middle Ground - with guest Ruth Jefferson

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: The etymology of "Voice" is explored, plus...why we're so divided as a society, as a country, as a dot dot dot... (fill in the blank). Matt, talks about the techie side of things, how tech is responsible, how it contributed to the division that we're experiencing, and something he found out that is very interesting about the structure of our government that's led to this division, and Fawn's thoughts on why the division exists and how she thinks it's a tool to keep people disempowered. We turn to Ruth Jefferson from Voice of the Middle Ground and speak with her about the state of our society and discuss the art of building community and connections to build a better way.   Transcript The Middle Ground [00:00:00] Fawn: Hi, welcome back everybody. Welcome to our friendly world. Hello? [00:00:04] Matt: Hello hello!. [00:00:06] Fawn: We're here. We have a new friend to introduce you to today. Yeah, we do. Before we get into introducing you to this beautiful new friend in your life, I was looking at etymology of certain words again, and I looked up the word voice; The sound made by the human mouth with, see, I don't like it when people or definitions always go to the human being. They don't think that other creatures on the planet have voice. [00:00:37] Matt: Right, right, right. Like my buddy growing up, they had a, they had a parrot that could mimic the mother's voice. [00:00:43] Fawn: Is this the racist parrot or the racist duck? There was a racist duck, [00:00:46] Matt: racist duck. And actually, uh, actually the parrot was racist too. [00:00:50] Fawn: Okay. Fantastic. All right. So. Late 13th century. [00:00:55] Matt: Maybe we should actually describe why, as opposed to just letting that go. [00:00:59] Fawn: What do you mean? Okay. [00:01:00] Matt: It's because they had a neighbor, Bill who