Living the dream with author and physical therapist Dr. Mitchell Yass

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Summary: <p>DR. Mitchell Yass</p><p>Chronic pain is killing the souls of millions making it impossible for them to live fulfilling lives. Millions are searching for the answer how to live pain-free and fully functional. This is where Dr. Yass and hopefully you come in. Dr. Yass developed the Yass Method. This method interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting those very symptoms. Chronic pain affects 130 million Americans and roughly 1,000,000,000 people worldwide. The primary cause of chronic pain is misdiagnosis. This is directly associated with the baseless use of the MRI. Dr. Yass can provide theoretical, clinical and scientific evidence to substantiate his position. Dr. Yass has treated thousands of people resolving their pain even after surgery failed. Dr. Yass has shown that in more than 98% of cases, the cause of pain is muscular, even when MRI findings identify structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis or meniscal tears. The key to the diagnostic test is that muscular causes cannot show up. Therefore it is impossible for the MRI to be used as a way of identifying the tissue in distress eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. Dr. Yass has written 3 books on the subject and performed a PBS special highlighting his method. There are 4 primary ways muscle causes pain: 1- a muscle strains and elicits pain or causes another muscle to compensate and strain eliciting pain, 2- muscle weakness or imbalance will cause a misalignment of joint surfaces creating pain at a joint. Although the pain is being experienced at the joint it is not coming from any of the structures, the joint surfaces are simply not moving correctly because of muscle weakness or imbalance of the muscles that attach to the joint, 3- a muscle can strain and refer symptoms (not only nerves refer symptoms)- tingling at the hand in the morning after sleeping on the side is from a strained rotator cuff muscle at the shoulder being over stretch due to being strained and overstretched when you sleep on the side on your shoulder, 4- a muscle can strain and impinge on a nerve- sciatica is the best example of this. Sciatica results from a muscle in the gluteal region called the piriformis straining and impinging on the sciatic nerve. So you have a muscular cause creating a neurological symptom. Sciatica cannot come from the lumbar as no nerve attaches to the spine; period. These 4 mechanisms of muscle creating pain account for more than 98% of cases of pain and other symptoms globally. The reason for chronic pain since the late 1980s to now is quite simply the advent of technology and automation. People simply do less physically because machines and automation do it for them. They are also connected to technology in a way they have never been. They stare at screens all day altering the optimal posture that allows for function without symptoms. Straining and overuse are the key to why there is a chronic pain epidemic. If any of this sounds even remotely logical and describes society today, then you must know that the Yass Method is the only logically based method for diagnosing and treating pain. Your listeners are seeking a solution to how to resolve their pain and reclaim their lives. Dr. Yass has treated hundreds of suicidal people willing to end their lives to stop the pain. Dr. Yass can assure you that many of your listeners are in the exact same place. Help me reach these people before it is too late. The cause of their symptoms can easily be identify by interpreting the body's presentation of symptoms. if found to be muscular, resolution of symptoms and return to normal function is just weeks to a couple of months away. Don't deny people this chance.</p>