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Summary: In this episode we take a look at the pilot for the short-lived sitcom Go Fish (2001) Andy Troutner (nicknamed "Fish") (Kieran Culkin) is beginning his first year of high school at Westlake High. Joining him are his two best friends Henry Krakowski (Kyle Sabihy), the so-called wise one of the group and Hazard (Taylor Handley), whose personality is defined by his name. His older brother Pete (Will Friedle) is a recent college graduate who gets a job at Fish's school. Rounding out the people in Fish's school are Ernie Hopkins (Andy Dick), their overdramatic drama teacher, Laura Eastwood (Kristin Lehman), their attractive English teacher and Jess Riley (Katherine Ellis), a beautiful girl that Fish has affections for. His home life consisted of his not so smart brain surgeon dad (Joe Flaherty) and his homemaker mother (Molly Cheek). Kieran Culkin as Andy "Fish" Troutner Will Friedle as Pete Troutner Kyle Sabihy as Henry "Krak" Krakowski Taylor Handley as Hazard Kristin Lehman as Laura Eastwood Joe Flaherty as Dr. Frank Troutner Molly Cheek as Annie Troutner Andy Dick as Ernie Hopkins Katherine Ellis as Jess Riley If you would like to watch the pilot before listening to the podcast email us at mike@cullenpark.com for a link. Find us at all2reeltoo.com Check out some cool music by host Matthew Haase at https://youtu.be/5E6TYm_4wIE Check out cool merchandise related to our show at http://tee.pub/lic/CullenPark Become a Patron of the show here.... https://www.patreon.com/CullenPark Listen to Mike on The Nerdball Podcast.... https://pod.fo/e/ba2aa Check out some cool music from Jason Quick at www.jasonquickmusic.com If you can during these troubling times make a donation to one of the following charities to help out. https://www.directrelief.org/ https://www.naacpldf.org/ https://www.blackvotersmatterfund.org Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices