Book Club Fiction Jessica Strawser and Taking a Pause

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Summary: <p>Book Club Fiction Jessica Strawser joins Queries, Qualms, &amp; Quirks this week to discuss not believing in her own writing, being inspired by the authors she interviewed, realizing successful authors are regular people, the difference between knowing what a good query letter is and writing your own, the overlap in publishing schedules, worrying you've wasted so much time, advice from Debbie Macomber, and not being afraid to take a pause.</p> <p>Jessica Strawser is editor-at-large for Writer's Digest, contributing editor at Career Authors, and author of five popular book club novels, including the Book of the Month selection NOT THAT I COULD TELL. Most recently, A MILLION REASONS WHY released in a new paperback edition, and her latest, THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW, hit shelves March 22 from St. Martin’s Press.</p> <p>Jessica: <a href=""><u>Query</u></a> | <a href=""><u>Website</u></a> | <a href=""><u>Twitter</u></a> | <a href=""><u>Instagram</u></a> | <a href=""><u>Amazon</u></a> | <a href=""><u>Bookshop</u></a> | <a href=""><u>IndieBound</u></a> | <a href=";rf_code=lfm164099"><u>Libro FM</u></a></p> <p><a href=""><u>QQQ Home Base</u></a> |<a href=""> <u>Support on Patreon</u></a></p> <p>If links aren't clickable, find them here: <a href=""><u></u></a></p> <p>This page includes affiliate links. Please use them if you’d like to support the show.</p>