Supporting Kids Through Anxiety with Shaista Fatehali

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: From her years as a teacher Shaista knows that kids can't learn if they don't feel safe, both physically and emotionally. She noticed what a big difference it made for children to learn "soft skills" like emotional regulation along with academics and from that observation a new career was born. Today Shaista is on the podcast to share tips on supporting children through all kinds of anxiety as well as signs to watch for that your child could benefit from widening their resources and team of caring adults. Shaista is a certified children’s life coach and works with clients to build self-esteem, manage anxiety and develop the heart-mind. Shaista is the author of the book BACK HOME; which has received accolades nationwide. Over the past year, Shaista has developed programs such as The Thrive Kids Virtual Early Learning Academy, Thrive Mommy and Thrive Babies. The Thrive Kids Virtual Early Learning Academy was born out of the need for young students to engage in a preschool curriculum from the safety of their own homes. Four days a week, students from the US and Canada join Shaista as she virtually teaches them academic concepts such as early literacy, early numeracy and soft skills such as collaboration, mindfulness and communication. Helping kids and families THRIVE is her passion