4 questions about Phoenix's history answered for Arizona transplants

Valley 101 show

Summary: It's no secret that Maricopa County is growing quickly. New apartments in Phoenix are being built just as fast as people are moving into them.  The Census Bureau reported that the county added 58,246 new residents from July 2020 to July 2021.  It is now the fastest growing county in the nation.  And even outside Maricopa County, Arizona has seen immense growth over the last year. The census showed that more than 98,000 people moved to Arizona in that year. Only 832 of them came from what is called “natural change," which refers to deaths and births. The rest have moved from other states. In this week's episode of Valley 101, a podcast by The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com, we want to welcome newcomers to the metro Phoenix area by answering four questions about its history.