31 Ep 030 - We chat with a sports nutritionist: Our interview with Shona Prabhu

One Rep at a Time by cult.fit show

Summary: <p>Shona Prabhu is a practicing Sports and Wellness Nutritionist, who has worked for the Delhi Capitals (IPL Team), the Indian hockey teams (men’s and women’s) as well as several other athletes across levels. Shona is the co-founder of NutrifyMyDiet.</p><p>We chat about sports nutrition, how she plans diets for her clients, what the metrics they track are - and importantly, what we as everyday folks just trying to get fitter can learn from there! This is a wide-ranging conversation that we hope you enjoy.</p><p>Also, a very fun story of how Shona got started working for sports franchises in the first place!</p><p>Follow Shona on her excellent Instagram page here:</p><p>https://www.instagram.com/nutrifymydiet/</p><p><br></p><p>Have feedback or ideas for the show? </p><p>We’d love to hear from you!</p><p>Email: onerep@curefit.com</p><p>Twitter: twitter.com/cultfitofficial</p><p>Instagram: instagram.com/cultfitofficial</p><p><br></p><p>Say hi to your host!</p><p>Twitter: twitter.com/chuck_gopal</p><p>Instagram: instagram.com/chuckofalltrades</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Consult with expert coaches at cult.fit:</strong> https://www.cult.fit/fitness/cult-transform</p>