Is Your Kid Ready For The Future? with Nellie Harden

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Too many young people are hitting adulthood completely unprepared. I think a lot of us are worried that could be our kids one day. But Nellie Harden is back on the show to share with us how we can start wherever we are now, whatever age our kids are now, to set them up for a wildly successful and independent future. Nellie is a Family Life & Leadership Coach that helps families build courage, respect and wisdom into their DNA to elevate their family experience and set their kids up for a wildly successful future equipped with their greatness for their greatness. She is a wife and mom to 4 middle and high school daughters having homeschooled them for the last 7 years. She has a degree in biology and psychology and knows that the best way to help the world is through one living room at a time!