Skimm Special: COVID and Kids

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Summary: If you’re a parent of young kids, you’ve probably spent the last two years thinking a lot about your kid’s health and how to keep them safe. Chances are: You’re exhausted, overworked, worried, and confused. So together with Boston Children’s Hospital, we set out to put your mind at ease.  In this special episode, we ask a pediatrician the Q’s that Skimm’r parents told us are keeping them up at night. She answers things like: How should we evaluate risk in our everyday lives? How should parents think about vaccines for their young kids? And what’s the best way to spot a child who is struggling with mental health?  In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Kristin Moffitt, pediatric infectious disease specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital. This episode is Skimm’d by Senior Director of Audio Graelyn Brashear and Senior Manager of Branded Content Jana Pollack. It is engineered by Andrew Callaway.