Feeling Alone? You Need A Mom On Call with Laura Hunter & Jennifer Walker

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: The Moms On Call are former pediatric nurses who have spent years building up a resource library for parents. They deliver rapid-fire advice that will have you thinking, "I'm really not alone in this." After listening to Laura and Jennifer you can't help but come away feeling confident in your parenting instincts! "Every day as pediatric nurses, we used to take after-hours patient calls for a busy pediatric practice in Atlanta, meaning if any of the 9,000 patients had a question at night or on weekends, we got paged. For years, we answered questions from concerned parents who, interestingly, all had the same questions! We decided it was time to give parents a simple and easy-to-follow guide addressing their most common curiosities and concerns. This was so well received, our print-outs quickly grew into a library of resources including 3 books, 3 video courses, 2 apps and a flourishing network of consultants. Moms on Call is amazed to say our that resources have helped over 750,000 moms and dads across the world parent with confidence as they discover the joys of the first four years. And we are thrilled to introduce you to the team that makes this magic happen!” - Jennifer and Laura