A New Way To Get Kids Invested In Reading with Patrick Carman

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: How do we get our kids to read (and to like reading)? That's a question for so many parents, especially as technology and screens become more ubiquitous. Patrick Carman discovered that a great stepping stone to reading is listening to stories. He developed a podcast for young kids to listen to stories, get their imaginations firing, and develop those important parts of their brains. It turns out it's a proven pathway to a love of reading! Listen to today's interview to learn about podcasts for kids: what they are, how to find them, and how to work them into your day! As co-founder and Creative Director of GoKidGo, Patrick Carman writes, directs, and produces every GoKidGo show! Mr. Carman has authored 40 novels with over 5 million books in print across 23 countries. Millions of young readers have read, watched, and played multimedia books Mr. Carman has produced including ‘39 Clues’, ‘Skeleton Creek’, ‘Trackers’, ‘Voyagers’, and ‘Towervale’. He is also the creator of Aftershock, a #1 fiction podcast on Apple and iHeart. Mr. Carman is an inexhaustible public speaker who presents at events throughout the year including the National Book Festival, the LA Book Festival, and the American Library Association national conference. He has spoken live to over a million students at over 2500 schools across the country.