living the dream with author, pastor, and christian communicator Chad Mansbridge

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: More than just a loveable Aussie larrikin, Chad is best known for his ability to communicate profound and complex biblical truth with clarity, simplicity, and a whole lot of fun—making him one of Australia's most dynamic Bible teachers and sought after Christian communicators. His latest book—You Can Handle the Truth: Making Sense of the Bible in 3 Simple Steps—is a standout in the hermeneutics space, dealing with the weighty issue of biblical interpretation. It has received widespread praise from both Pentecostals and Presbyterians, professors and pastors, teen bloggers and bestselling authors, college presidents, prominent publishers, and even Bible translators who testify to its creative, engaging and conversational approach to an otherwise daunting subject matter. Chad is energetic yet authentic and has broad appeal for Christian audiences of all stripes who are serious about their relationship with God and growing in their knowledge of His Word. Follow Chad on your favourite social media platform: @Chad.M.Mansbridge. Check out his website at