Moon Knight Breakdown - Fireside Classics

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Summary: What better way to celebrate the release of Moon Knight on Disney+ with a classic issue of Fireside Chats. This issue was released back in August of 2019 well before any real information about the show was available. In fact, at the time of this recording we didn’t even know that Oscar Isaac would be taking on the role. Enjoy this look back at our show and gain some knowledge about the character. You saw this coming Firesiders. With all the excitement around D23 and the announcement of a Fireside favorite Moon Knight getting a show in the MCU, we had to do this. Join Mendte and Mr. Maurer as they break down Moon Knight. They talk origins, Batman comparisons, story lines, and TV rumors all to get you up to speed on the “Avatar of Khonshu”. So sit back and prepare yourself. Moon Knight has arrived. Welcome to Fireside.