The Toxicity of My Boyfriend’s Best Friend

Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne show

Summary: Communication is an essential part of relationships. But how do you gain trust back when your boyfriend's, best friend, starts spreading lies about you. We shouldn't have to convince our partners to trust us. So today we'll weigh the pros and cons of a relationship and when you should decide to call it quits. Follow the Podcast on Insta: @UnsolicitedAdvicePod Follow Ashley: @AshNichole Follow Taryne: @TaryneRenee To watch our podcast on YouTube: Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast for free wherever you're listening or by using this link: If you want to support the show, and get all our episodes ad-free go to: If you like the show, telling a friend about it would be amazing! You can text, email, Tweet, or send this link to a friend: To send us your questions/stories, email us at: To check out our UA MERCH: To check out Parallel Apparel: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit