How Arizona became home to the Cactus League

Valley 101 show

Summary: After Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association came to an agreement about the league’s minimum salary, the Competitive Balance Tax threshold, and more, the 99 day lockout ended. Just in time for the regular season to start up soon. For Arizonans that means two things: getting to hear the lemonade man shout about your grandma and spring training. In the Valley, the past time is getting a slow start. The average attendance for six of the 15 teams is down to less than 5,000 fans per game in the first week. Even teams that are seeing more fans than that are seeing less fans compared to years past. In this week's episode of Valley 101, a podcast by The Arizona Republic and, we share how the Cactus League came to Arizona and what impact the spring time tradition has on the state.