How To Respond When Your Child’s Behavior Falls Apart with Katherine Sellery

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: This powerful interview will change the way you look at disciplining your children. It's challenging to know what to do when our children are falling apart or we're on our last nerve especially when we want to be calm, compassionate, and peaceful parents. Today on the podcast Katherine Sellery has some perspective shifts that can help us see discipline and managing challenging behaviors in a whole new way. Katherine Sellery, CEO and Founder of Conscious Parenting Revolution, helps individuals minimize misunderstandings and melt-downs in order to communicate with more collaboration, cooperation, and consideration. A creator of the Guidance Approach to Parenting, a program that applies conflict resolution skills to communicating more effectively with children, Katherine has positively influenced relationships for generations and brought about healing and reconciliation in families that were suffering from disconnection. For over 20 years, she has taught and coached thousands of parents, educators, social workers, and medical professionals in half a dozen countries through her popular workshops, coaching programs, TEDx talks, 250 page comprehensive training manual, and Ebook. Katherine is also a trained mediator, attended Law School, has certifications in different trauma models, teaches a breathing meditation modality with the Art of Living Foundation, and ran her own commodities-trading business in Hong Kong for 30 years. Katherine is a 3x TEDx Speaker and Amazon bestselling author of “7 Strategies to Keep Your Relationship With Your Kids from Hitting the Boiling Point.”, which reached the #1 spot in both the Parenting and Parenting Teenagers categories, as well as the #2 spot in the Parenting & Relationships category. For her expertise she has been featured onGood Morning Washington, Good Morning Texas,Great Day Washington, Atlanta & Co,Fox31 Denver,4CBS Denver,CBS8 San Diego,The Donny Walker Morning Show and has been a guest on over40 podcasts