Living the dream with Envision Arts Gallery manager Sarah Kephart and assistant Dale Small

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: On this episode I am joined by artists Sarah Kephart and dale Small. Together they run the Envision Arts program and Gallery and Community Engagement Center based in Wichita Kansas. The envision Arts program provides an accessible way for people who are blind and with developmental disabilities to create art projects just like their sighted counter parts. The Envision Arts Gallery provides a way for the artist to show case their work as well as engage with the community. Dale and Sarah discuss how Envisions art program got started, the opening of the new Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center in Wichita’s historical Union Station in the downtown area, and some of the community events the art gallery is planning. If you were ever in doubt that people can do anything they put their minds to even though they are disabled, then check out the Envision Arts Gallery at