Mark McKenna Interview - Fireside Chats Issue 633

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Happy Wednesday dear Firesiders! New comic book day is enough reason to celebrate, but we have a special issue to go with you while you pick up your pull list or fill your kart online. In today’s issue, the guys are joined by legendary inker, artist, writer, and more - comic book great Mark McKenna! Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they explore Mark’s 30 plus year career as a comic book inker, credited on more than 600 books and 12,000 pages across Marvel, DC, and more. Mark has worked on book like Star Wars, Doom Patrol, Deadpool, X-Men, Justice League, Spider-Man, and more. Plus he also has a children’s book called Banana Tail, and his creator-owned series - Combat Jacks! Hear what Mark thinks about the current state of comics, advice for up and coming artists, Comics and NFTs, and more. So knock back an Irish car bomb, put some ink to paper, and welcome to Fireside.