Episode 172- Hot Topics: Medication. (Sharing our experience with everything related to meds.)

Adventures in Autism show

Summary: Today I’m coming at you with another installment of Hot Topics! On this episode, I’m sharing our journey with medication. Logan started meds a little over two years ago. This topic has been HIGHLY requested but I was hesitant to talk about until now because I wanted to this episode to be as informative and responsible as it could be. Now that we have two (plus) years under belt, I’m ready to share! We also seem to (finally!) be in a good spot with meds so this episode is coming at an appropriate time. I’m covering many frequently asked questions including: why we decided to start Logan on meds (and what led us to that decision), how old he was, the type of doctor we work with and A LOT more. I honestly surprised myself with how much I had to say on this topic! I hope you find this episode helpful. Enjoy listening! (Also one disclaimer: this episode (and really every episode but especially the Hot Topics) are NOT meant to be a “how to” guide. It’s simply me sharing my own perspective on topics that we have dealt with. I never want listeners to think I’m dishing out advice on the “right” way to do things. That is always true of AIA but I felt it was really important to share that ahead of this episode all about medications. The only advice I truly feel confident giving is find a doctor you trust and consult with them on anything related to meds. Thanks again!) This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp To get 10% off your first month go to: https://www.betterhelp.com/adventuresinautism Connect with Megan: IG: @adventuresinautismpod FB: @Adventures In Autism Podcast Email: adventuresinautism2018@yahoo.com Enjoying the show? I would so appreciate your rating & review! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/megan-carranza/message