CAR T-Cell Therapy: What's New

Multiple Myeloma CancerCare Connect Education Workshops show

Summary: <ul> <li>Overview of CAR T-Cell Therapies, in the Context of COVID-19 &amp; Its Variants</li> <li>Understanding CARS - Chimeric Antigen Receptors </li> <li>When to Consider CAR T-Cell Therapies as a Treatment Choice </li> <li>Clinical Trials for CAR T-Cell Therapies </li> <li>Discussion of CAR T-Cell Therapies </li> <li>Managing Potential Treatment Side Effects </li> <li>Specific Examples of How CAR T-Cell Therapies Contributes to Oncology Care </li> <li>Key Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team about CAR T-Cell Therapies</li> <li>The Benefits of CAR T-Cell Therapies </li> <li> Follow-Up Care: What to Expect </li> <li>Guidelines to Prepare for Telehealth/Telemedicine Appointments, including Technology, List of Questions &amp; Follow-Up Care Appointments </li> <li>Quality-of-Life Concerns &amp; Discussion of OpenNotes </li> <li>Questions for Our Panel of Experts </li> </ul>