Rebuild Your Identity Through Motherhood with Vanessa Broer

The Blissful Parenting Podcast show

Summary: Vanessa Broer never planned to be a mother. Never wanted to be a mother. So when she became pregnant, she was devastated. But she took the time to work through those feelings and to rebuild her sense of self. She continued her journey of self discovery through motherhood itself and has brought her hard-won wisdom to us on the podcast today. Vanessa works high performers to help them thrive. Most high performers only focus on success. But in order to thrive, you have to add in self-expression and joy. Vanessa helps anxiety driven high performers create wealth, freedom and joy. She is also on a mission to help women reclaim their identity through motherhood. She believes that motherhood isn't designed to break us down, it's designed to break us FREE. She is where spiritual evolution meets high performance.