Living the dream with certified reputation repair coach Jennifer Cunningham

Living the Dream with Curveball show

Summary: Jennifer’s desire to help those in crisis happened almost by accident. She was trying to recover her own reputation and sense of confidence after a professional humiliation in a job that she loved. Jennifer knew she would not be able to move forward until she got over the feeling of not fitting in. She imagined friends and colleagues pitying sher, wondering if she did any of the things she was falsely accused of.Jennifer hated wondering what they were thinking. Surprisingly, some team mates approached her during that time to offer support. Many wondered how she had the guts to hang in there, when they themselves would not be able to weather the storm.As Jennifer opened up more, she realized many were on her side. That was the beginning of the repair process. Jennifer’s next step to recovery came when she hired a coach who helped her gain clarity and insight. Without her help Jennifer would not have made it through. And then she realized she could take this experience, turn it around and harness what she had learned and help others repair and heal. If you are someone who needs to repair and heal visit Jennifer on the web at