living the dream with investing author and microcap invester Mariusz

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Summary: Mariusz Specializes in area of stock market that finance industry hates and ignores. His mantra-investing where others can’t or won’t. The entire financial industry is set up in a way to generate mediocre investment returns. That’s because everybody wants to invest in stocks of companies that are very well known to everybody. It is very comforting for individuals and money managers to be invested in places where others approve and recognize. The problem with this is that the known assets are priced accordingly meaning that the probability of mispricing is low. Consequently, mediocre returns are the result. The biggest money is made in stocks of companies that are not on the first page of the newspapers. The biggest money is made on companies that are on the 20th page but are on the way towards the first page. But in order to find them, you can’t wait for them to be delivered to you on the platter. You have to go out and find them yourself before everybody else finds them. Many times, you have to go into places where others don’t want to go. That’s where the mantra of “Investing where others can’t or won’t” comes from. When this strategy is performed properly with the correct due diligence, it can create life chancing results. Mariusz is a perfect example of such success. He started in 2009 with $10,000 and he turned it into $6 million a little more than a decade later. No, it hasn’t all been in a straight line with no ups and downs. There was a lot of volatility and frustration on the way. This was the price of success. Overall, this strategy delivered incredible investment returns mostly because in this space there is barely any competition from other investors who are busy chasing the names that everyone recognizes and approves. Mariusz the founder of Classic Value Investors and MicroCap Explosions and creator of Value Investing University. Mariusz is also the author of 11 books on the subject of investing.