Flowers by Design with Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios

Team Flower show

Summary: Ingrid is one of the pioneers of the sustainability movement. She is passionate about our earth, and has gone to great lengths to test out various products. As such, Ingrid is sharing some helpful sustainable practices, including handling waste, recycling vases, and installation mechanics. She’s even talking about two new products she’s testing: agrawool and ocean pouches! We’re also chatting about her newest book, Flowers By Design. Just wait until you hear about the contents of this lovely read! Ingrid has been intentional about including personal stories of flowers from her clients. There are many wonderful floral resources available, and Flowers By Design looks to be right up there! Finally, Ingrid is walking us through her process for keeping things organized and working with a system for delivery and design on event day. She makes a point of prioritizing her team, and having efficient processes in place creates an environment of fun and effective flowering! Tin Can Studios is floral design studio specializing in creating floral experiences for corporate events and weddings. Ingrid and her team are most recognized for their lush, asymmetrical floral arrangements and large scale installations with eye catching color compositions and ingredients. They are most proud when clients reach out because they’ve seen and heard about their sustainable work from recent years and want that for their events! In addition, Ingrid has just launched her second book, Flowers by Design, which you can find here. To learn more, visit the website and follow Ingrid on social at @tincanstudios.