War of Words: Banned Books, Winter Olympics, Spotify Drama

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Summary: First up: We’ve got the latest on the US military operation in Syria, a potential COVID-19 vaccine for kids under five, and a bombshell lawsuit alleging racial discrimination in the NFL. Plus, the latest data shows rents in major cities are sky high.  Next: Speaking of sport and scandal…the Winter Olympics are kicking off in Beijing this week. We’ll talk to one reporter about diplomatic boycotts and the controversy surrounding the games.  ICYMI: Spotify is facing the music after major musicians and podcasters started boycotting the platform. The reason? COVID-19 misinformation. We’ll break down the debate.  Plus: A record number of books are being banned from school libraries across the US. We’ll talk to several experts about which books are being banned, why, and what that impact could be on students and teachers.  Finally: Everyone’s talking about Wordle. We’ll tell you five things you need to know about the not-so-grassroots online game that recently got bought for a casual seven figures.  P.S. Calling all Skimm This listeners. If you have five minutes to answer some multiple choice questions, please tell us what you want to hear more of on the show. Go to the skimm.com/podsurvey.  On this episode, you’ll hear from:  Alicia Mazzarra, senior research analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities David Rennie, Beijing bureau chief, The Economist Nora Pelizzari, director of communications, National Coalition Against Censorship Nadra Nittle, education reporter, the19th Kalynn Bayron, author, "Cinderella is Dead" Keiawnna Pitts, parent, Round Rock Black Parents Association Carly Mallenbaum, Skimm Well writer Want more Skimm?  Sign up for our free daily newsletter Email us your questions about what’s going on in the news right now  Subscribe and leave us a review wherever you get your podcasts Skimm'd by Alex Carr and Ciara Long. Additional help from Sagine Corrielus. Engineered by Andrew Callaway. TheSkimm’s head of audio is Graelyn Brashear.