Large-Scale Flower Farming with Bethany Little

Team Flower show

Summary: Charles Little & Company began in 1986 as a large-scale flower farm providing dried flowers to wholesalers. Since then, they’ve not only increased their wholesaler relationships, they also provide fresh flowers in addition to the dried. Bethany has been a part of the company for a lot of this process, and she’s walking us through what it’s looked like forming those lasting relationships. You’ll also hear about the company’s new online dried floral business! From ordering to shipping and everything in between, Charles Little & Company has systems in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. Bethany is sharing about the beauty of the floral community—growing and beyond—and how digging into that community has helped her grow in knowledge. Tune in to hear why Bethany, as a flower farmer, is intentional about spending time learning amongst event designers! Charles Little & Company has been growing specialty cut flowers since 1986 on the Coast Fork of the Willamette River near Eugene, Oregon. They provide fresh and dried flowers to wholesalers nationwide, florists in Portland, Seattle and Eugene, and locally at their farm to the public through their farm stand and their large working barn. They were excited last year to launch their dried flowers on their website for nationwide sales. To accompany our updated website Bethany has been very active on instagram with a weekly live talking about their dried flowers and making a wreaths! Check out all they have to offer online at and on Instagram @charleslittleandco.