Coming to fruition, Fruition Seeds, with Petra Page-Mann

Cultivating Place show

Summary: Coming up on Cultivating Place this week, we’re in conversation with a new generation seed farmer, Petra Page-Mann. Petra is a co-founder with her husband Matthew Goldfarb of Fruition Seeds, a young seed company with a big calling. Fruition is a team of 12 humans "cultivating over 300 varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs & flowers to surround us all with beauty & abundance in short seasons. In the heart of the Finger Lakes of western New York, unceded Haudenosaunee/Seneca lands, Fruition shares the seeds as well as the tools, inspiration & insight for growing ourselves as well as our gardens, especially those in short growing seasons. They are currently transitioning to being an employee-owned company, and they grow about 60% of their own seed, sourcing the rest primarily from other regional organic seed growers. Fruition is cultivating and learning from an ecosystem-like web of people and places growing and sharing relational seed and seed knowledge at human scale as a direct response to the industrial scale commodification of seed as a way of imagining a new (old) way forward. Listen in. Cultivating Place now has a donate button! We thank you so much for listening over the years and we hope you'll support Cultivating Place. We can't thank you enough for making it possible for this young program to grow even more of these types of conversations. The show is available as a podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Podcast, and Stitcher. To read more and for many more photos please visit