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Summary: Todays show was orginally aired 2/9/2010. Spirit Art and Mediumship along with Near Death Experiences, on tonight's ParaWomen Radio. Tonight author, Annamaria Hemingway joins us to chat Reincarnation. Spirit Artists Rochelle Sparrow and Courtney Kane chat about Spirit Art and Mediumship.Each week the women of The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women bring you Parawomen SCREAM Radio! We feature and spotlight women in the Paranormal and Horror Genres doing Extraordinary things!! Shannon Overland also brings us the Paraworld News, featuring all things bizarre! **Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel and Cortney Kane, Psychic Artis are now presenting their joint talents to help empower you along your path. Rochelle physically trance channels in messages to help you shift into greater clarity. While Cortney psychically connects with people and presents psychic information through her art and the information channeled by Rochelle. They are known for their accuracy and authenticity.   *As a side note, after appearing on ParaWomen Radio, they have gone on to be featured guests on: Coast to Coast, T.A.P.S. Family Radio and The "X" Zone. Courtney Kane on youtube: Guides and Angels Meditation