ParaWomenRadio Returns! Bigfoot in Florida? Guest Marie Dumont explains.

ParaWomen Radio show

Summary: ParaWomen Radio Returns! We go in search of Bigfoot in West Florida with Marie Dumont! Sasquatch, or Skunk Ape, as it is called in Florida has been eliciting sitings all the way back into the Early 1800's. What is happening in the Green Swamp's of  Florida? Is he/she building nests, or just passing through. Marie Dumont also chats about lecturing at the Florida Bigfoot Convention. Grab your favorite paranormal snack and hunker down, because your favorite ParaWomen Radio show RETURNS! Opening Music (with permission) by Serena Matthews, Moon Hanging Low. ‎Serena Matthews on Apple Music Closing Music (with permission) by Kellianna Kellianna