Adding Retail to Your Event Business with Rikki Marcone

Team Flower show

Summary: Rikki began her career in the event industry as a wedding planner, so she is very familiar with the ins and outs of event day. She’s sharing about her move from planning to designing—and what led her in that direction. Rikki’s business has grown to include a fun and dynamic team, so she’s chatting a bit about her hiring process. Her motto is, “Hire for attitude and train for skill.” You’ll hear about Rikki’s studio set-up—from shelving and storage to loading and delivery—and the big piece of the puzzle she’s excited to incorporate soon! Finally, Rikki is chatting about how she’s created a loyal clientele and utilized the power of Instagram. She’s even touching on why you should invest in Instagram ads for your own business! Speaking of Instagram, you can follow her at @RikkiMarcone. Rikki's business is a floral and event design firm specializing in weddings and social events. Each project she and her team works on is designed custom to each client’s personality. She also has an online store for local fresh and dried floral deliveries. Find her online at and