Aquaman's Sexy Adventure

Worst Collection Ever show

Summary: Adventure Comics #450 (1977) In our last book of the year, we take a look at something from Aquaman’s ADVENTURE COMICS run where a crippling tragedy DIDN’T happen. Here, Arthur takes on the Weather Wizard, who has stolen a secret government sex toy that will help him defeat The Flash. A bunch of nonsense happens in the Bermuda Triangle and we ultimately conclude that an octopus makes a terrible babysitter.  We also have a short back-up story with Martian Manhunter avenging the death of his muppet friend. Apparently, the murderer was an Earth human and J’onn runs afoul of Supergirl, who fights him off in various sexy poses. This is a surprisingly erotic book. Also, heads up on slight THE MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS spoilers. Continue the conversation with Shawn and Jen on Twitter @angryheroshawn and @JenStansfield and email the show at