living the dream with singer/songwriter holly nicole combs

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Summary: Holly Nicole Combs is a singer/songwriter that currently lives in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She has won an World Songwriting Award for her song "#Hashtag" which is a social commentary about modern society. In addition, Holly was also named the 2019 Female Artist of the Year by Music Mafia Radio. Holly began songwriting as a child but did not begin taking it seriously until after a traumatic divorce and the subsequent death of her father. With the help of her producer, Ben Travis, Holly created her album Confessions from a Bathroom: Happiness is One Flush Away which was her way of processing those events. Her follow-up album Narcissist with a Cause discusses multiple observations she made about society in trying to even get my album heard. On this album, Holly collaborated with Lance Turner on the song "Narcissist with a Cause" and Carl Ludders on the song "Text me if you Can".